GTL TIO Genset

1. Flexibility of electricity use: For the occasions where the load size fluctuates greatly, the TIO unit can flexibly input a single unit or two units according to the load capability.

2. Reliability of electricity consumption and uninterrupted power supply: Compared with a single 1250KVA large unit, 2 parallel small units can realize alternate work and shift maintenance to ensure continuous power output, and will not require maintenance or routine due to the failure of a single 1250KVA large unit. power outage for maintenance.

3. For small load power consumption, it can effectively avoid carbon deposition and high fuel consumption of a single large unit, and ensure the service life of the engine.

4.The modular design of the unit, with the function of parallel connection to the function, is convenient for customers to expand the production capacity with electricity in the future or connect to the connect to city electricity main power.

5.For the expansion unit, because the engine model is unified, spare parts are easier to stock, especially the modular design of Scania engine, the consistency of engine spare parts (such as pistons, connecting rods, etc.), the number of spare parts can be reduced to minimum.





Post time: Jun-30-2022