• Medical Industry

    Medical Industry

    In the medical industry, power failure will not only bring economic losses, but also threaten the safety of patients’ lives, which cannot be measured by money. The special industry of medical treatment needs the generator set with high reliability as backup power to ensure the power is not ...
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  • Commercial Building

    Commercial Building

    Take business buildings, functional blocks and regional facilities as the main carriers to develop and lease buildings to introduce various enterprises, so as to introduce tax sources and drive regional economic development. The annual power consumption of office buildings accounts for about 10% ...
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  • Mining Industry

    Mining Industry

    Discover Reliable Power The mining industry is fraught with a number of operational hazards: high altitudes; low ambient temperatures; and locations sometimes exceeding 200 miles from the nearest power grid. By nature of the industry, mining projects can take place anywhere, at any time. And alth...
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  • Transportation Industry

    Transportation Industry

    When there’s a lot of traffic in a tunnel on a highway, and the power supply suddenly stops, what an irreversible accident can happen. This is where emergency power is crucial for highways. As an emergency power source, it needs high reliability to ensure timely operation in case of emergen...
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  • Manufacturing


    In the generator market, manufacturing industries such as oil and gas, public service companies, factories, and mining have great potential for market share growth. It is estimated that the power demand of manufacturing industry will reach 201,847MW in 2020, accounting for 70% of the total power ...
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  • Railway Traffic Air Compressor Application

    Railway Traffic Air Compressor Application

    Air Compressors sets provide compressed air for railway padding, sand transportation, general use, abrasive blasting, spray painting and braking systems. Major demands for product: Railway padding, sand transportation, general use, abrasive blasting, transfusion, operation of air brake, car retar...
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