4X350W Portable Lamp Generator Manual Type Led Lighting Tower

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GTL lighting tower with LED is a unique portable lighting solution for a wide variety of jobs,events,and projects,indoors and out.Its compact design allows for ultimate versatility and ease of use.

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GTL portable lamp generator manual type led lighting tower
4x350W LED lamps(IP65); Manual mast made of galvanized steel;
Maximum height 9 m; Rotation 350°;
Fast and automatic deployment with safety system; 140 litres fuel tank, 85 hours autonomy;
Noise level 60 dB(A) at 7 meters; Liquids bunding;
4 deploying stabilizers.
4LT1400M9 LED
Light coverLight coverage m2
(average 20 luxes)
Lamps(Total Luminous Flux) LED(196000 lm)
Mast Manual Vertical
Performance Data
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Voltage VAC 230/240
Rated Power (PRP) kW 6/7
Sound Pressure Level (LpA) at 7m dB(A) 65
Model Kohler KDW 1003
Speed rpm 1500/1800
Rated Net Output (PRP) kW 7.7/9.1
Coolant Water
Number of cylinders 3
Model BTO LT-132D/4
Rated output kVA 8/10
Insulation / Enclosure
class / IP H / 23
Fuel tank capacity litre 110
Fuel Autonomy hrs 65
Power Output
Auxiliary Power kW 4.5
Floodlights LED
Wattage W 4 x 350
Type Manual Vertical
Rotation degrees 340
Maximum Height m 9
Maximum Speed wind km / h 80
Enclosure and Trailer
Dimensions and weigth
Dimensions in transport Fix Towbar (L x W x H) m 4000*1480*1895
Dry weight kg 850
Dimensions Fully Deployed(L x W x H) 3041*2955*9000

Easy Operating
1.350°pivoting mast on bearings with clutch type braking system;
2. extractable, adjustable and reclinable stabilizers;
3.Easy electric regulations of the lamps radiation angle;
4.Folding handles stabilizing feet;
5.Forklift guides;
6.Central lifting eye.

Container load & storing
Its design and reduced dimensions make the product easy to move, storing up to 8 units in a 40ft container.


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